about life

 During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Luke and George saw an opportunity to start a meal prep delivery business. While searching for the right kitchen to launch Life Meals, they stumbled upon The Oasis on Burbank.


After getting the kitchen in The Oasis fully seasoned by the successful launch of The Oasis Bar & Grill, they are now ready to launch the meal prep business they dream of. Life Meals will deliver a consistent top tier product designed and delivered to fuel your life!

about us

George O’Connor was born and raised in Baton Rouge. George has owned and operated several successful businesses in the Louisiana area. George brings his passion for bodybuilding, supplements & business development to Life Meals!

Luke Forstmann has been living in Louisiana for the last ten years and is originally from Los Angeles and New York City. Luke brings his love for food, nutrition & bodybuilding to Life Meals!